About Connectapipe Ltd

Connectapipe Ltd has evolved from the increasing needs of the piping industry to UK source a comprehensive range of materials used in the jointing of pipe systems. In partnership with Delf UK (soap based lubricant producer), IPS & Gymcol (Solvent cement producers) and other market leading silicone and PTFE suppliers, Connectapipe is able to meet this need and if required can be own-branded accordingly. Whilst there is commitment to supporting the UK market, Connectapipe has the infrastructure and ability to extend our product portfolio and supply expertise to our customers from Europe to the Middle and Far East.

Our technical knowledge and expertise allows us to design and develop new products where method of application is as important as the performance criteria. We understand the ever changing parameters of BS-EN, WRAS and current legislation so that we can stay one step ahead; as a result you donít have to and can focus on your core business.

We appreciate that todayís businesses have high demands and an increasing need for flexibility with a quick response when it matters. Connectapipe along with Delf UK is ideally structured to providing consistent reliable service support along with the ability to react to any urgent situation.

Our aim is that you become confident, leading to a peace of mind that Connectapipe simply delivers in-keeping with the high standards you set yourself.

All products are compatible with Polyurethane, EPDM, NBR & SBR rubber seal materials